Larkin and Lacey Leading Personalities in the World of Media in the United States

One of the most significant problems with the world today is that the most trusted source of information and news, which are media houses and newspapers, aren’t trusted anymore by the people. It is primarily because most of the most prominent newspapers and news channels are owned and operated by the big corporations, who want to manipulate the public to create rumors and thought shift as per their ideology and benefits.

Many alternative media houses across the globe are cropping up to ensure that the truth is presented to the people without any twists and biased influence. One of the biggest alternative media companies in the United States is Village Voice Media, which publishes newspapers like Phoenix New Times and New Times.

Village Voice Media is owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, who have supported truth and independent journalism from the time they were in college. It is how they started Phoenix New Times when the local media channels were not reporting clearly and falsely about the protests held by students against the war.

Recently, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey came into the limelight for being arrested during the late hours of the night on the orders of Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff. Joe Arpaio has often featured on the news reporting of Larkin and Lacey due to his wrongdoings, especially against the minority communities in the region. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Many Hispanic people were the targets of the oppression by Joe Arpaio, and the people who raised voice against him were also penalized. It is what caused the people as well as the media houses to stay silent on what he used to do mostly. Joe Arpaio is also infamously called America’s Toughest Sheriff.

The arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin shook entire country as their only crime was to do their job and to give people with the news they deserve to know about. Joe Arpaio was upset for the report on Phoenix New Times about the Grand Jury Investigations in which the news editor, reporter, journalists, writer, and even the readers were subpoena.

The arrest of Jim and Michael created a stir in the media fraternity, and many other channels joined the bandwagon and raised their voice against the oppression and misuse of power by Joe Arpaio, but even after all that pressure by the entire nation, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were kept in prison and interrogated for 24 days.

Later on, Larkin and Lacey filed the lawsuit against the sheriff and the law enforcement agency, which they won after a long and gruesome battle. The state even gave Larkin and Lacey the compensation amount of $3.7 million for the traumatic experience they had to endure.

The court of law convicted Joe Arpaio for wrongfully ordering the arrest of Larkin and Lacey, but entire nation was shocked when US President Donald Trump granted him pardon recently. So, Joe Arpaio would be walking free again without serving any jail time, but it is said that Trump returned the favor to the sheriff as Joe Arpaio also supported Trump during his election campaign.

Tony Petrello Contributes $7 Million To A Research Center

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist and a business executive in the United States. He leads a company known as Nabors Industries. This is one of the best oil and natural gas drilling companies in the world currently. The company boasts of having the best technology when it comes to drilling operations. Numerous companies all over the world, therefore, hire its services.

Currently, the company has ongoing operations in 25 locations in different parts of the globe. Nabors Industries have also been entering into agreements with top oil and natural gas drilling companies with the aim of expanding its business to as many parts of the globe a possible. They recently entered into an agreement with the biggest oil firm in the world known as Saudi Aramco. Nabors Industries will supply them with the best drilling technology.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the company now after his appointment in 2011. He is responsible for the growth witnessed in this firm for the last few years. Since he joined the firm, he has implemented numerous measures which have expanded business operations. He came up with the idea of acquisitions which saw the company acquire some rival companies to hasten its development. As a CEO he has also had a major accomplishment of running the company post the 2008 global financial crisis. While many companies were closing down due to losses, Nabors Industries was riding all the way up, making the profits than ever before. In 2015, Tony Petrello was ranked one of the top-paid CEOs in the country due to the high gains made by the company.

Anthony Petrello made other huge other achievements in other industries apart from the oil industry. When he is not working in the drilling industry, he is searching for opportunities to give back to the community. He is best known for engaging in philanthropy. He currently runs a number of charitable causes. The most popular is the neurological cause. This is an initiative that supports a neurological research center found at the Texas Children’s Hospital known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center.

Tony together with his wife has given over $7 million which have gone to the creation of a research center which takes care of the needs of the community. Tony Petrello is ready to make a huge impact in the lives of children living with neurological disorders if the research work goes through.

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Madison Street Capital- The Power of Unwavering Business Professionalism

Madison Street Capital played a prominent advising role in the business merger between the DCG Software Values and the Spitfire Group. The Madison Street Capital is prominent for offering investment banking option to various middle market companies and exclusively acted as DCG financial advisor. The DCG Software Value is renowned for being global providers of software estimation, function point analysis, software value management among others. While The Spitfire Group core duty is providing technology-oriented consultation and it’s based in Denver according to an article published in


The merger between the DCG Software Values and the Spitfire Group was announced by the Charles Botchway the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. Jay Rodgers led the whole process, but they did not disclose the transaction deals. According to DCG Software Values Chief Executive Officer Mike Harris, both companies have exceptional and well skills and experienced management team. The sentiments seconded by the Chief Executive Officer of Spitfire Mr. Mark Richtermeyer. Botchway added that working with both companies provided him with exceptional experiences due to their in-depth knowledge of technology and software.


He stated that he believes the merger will add value to their client’s base making it grow tremendously.

DCG Software Value began in 1994, and it has provided exceptional software services to their clients including the flexible support. The firm deals with all companies regardless of their size who rely on DCG to give them practical software that fosters in the companies’ resources management and decision making. The software helps in offering a quantifiable impact on the company agenda and mission. DCG has its corporate offices strategically opened in Malvern Pa, and the UK offices service the whole of Europe.


The Spitfire Group offers technology and business consulting services, and it specializes in enabling their clients to achieve the alignment between their technology initiatives and the business objectives. It aids in utilizing the company force multiplier concept, and it has skilled and educated team members with years of experiences and performing their core duties with high levels of integrity. The team members of Spitfire Group has a background in architecture assessment, integration of projects, custom developments and project management and they use the latest technology devices to tackle any business challenge.


Madison Street Capital has decades of international presence as an investment banking firm. It’s committed to providing excellence, integrity, and leadership to their vast client’s base. The firm mandates include delivering of corporate financial and advisory services, the offering of economic opinions, providing of acquisition and merger expertise and offering valuation services. The firm deals with both private and also public companies, and it has earned strong trust from different clients globally with their high levels of integrity, unwavering dedication, and professional standards.

The Career And Performance Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi At Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is known to be more than just an executive; he is recognized as one of the mythical dynasties around the world. In Bradesco’s 70 historical years, he was the only fourth executive that occupied the institution’s presidency. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is ranked among the 60 most powerful people in the country and around the world.

Education and background
Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo in Brazil on 6th October in 1951, where he grew up. He later joined the University of Sao Paulo and attained his degree in Philosophy, science, and letters. He later did his postgraduate studies in socio-psychology and politics at FundacaoSchool of Sociology and Politics.

The career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi
Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career began 48 years ago at Bradesco, devoting his whole professional life towards the company. He started working with Bradesco at a young age of 18 as a clerk. He went through a lot of assignments for more than 15 years until he got the post of a Marketing Director. Bradesco’s communication got recognized during Luiz Carlos Trabucos’ time in office as modernized and the company got a very close relationship with media companies.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco took charge of the marketing department and worked for 8 years and later in 1992, he was elevated to the Chief Executive Officer position of Bradesco Vida e Providencia, an owned private company under Bradesco, focusing about private pensions. He worked here for 6 years and in 1998, he got elected to the post of Managing Director of BankoBradesco. He succeeded to be the Executive Vice President of the company one year later. By 2003, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the president of Bradesco Seguros’s post that includes other eight more companies under Bradesco. In that period of time, he coordinated the launching of Bradesco’s shares on New York Stock Exchange.

Through Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s tenure as Bradesco Seguro’s president, the company multiplied its size to solidify its leadership in Brazil, which was equivalent to 25 percent of its market growth. During that same period of time, Luiz Carlos managed to increase the insurance company’s performance from 25 percent to 35 percent. The company’s insurance sector became the biggest in Latin America. With Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s 40 years’ career experience in the banking sector with different posts, he got appointed in 2009 to be the bank’s president, which made him the fourth president.

The most remarkable deal
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took a lead to the purchase of HSBC in the country, and that was considered the largest biggest business of 2015 and in the history of Brades Company. The HSBC purchase made him become the Entrepreneur of the year according to Isto E Dinheiro Magazine’s finance category. Come October 2017, Carlos Trabuco was elected to the Board of Directors chairman of Bradesco bank, replacing Lazaro de Mello Brandao. The exemplary performer was replaced in March 2018 by Octavio de Lazari junior. Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the former president of Bradesco, had a good relationship with the president of Brazil.

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Fortress Investment Group: The Investment Pacesetter For Over Two Decades

Since 1998, Fortress Investment Group is known for satisfying its customers by offering quality services hence setting a blueprint and pacesetter in the finance world. The company gained more fame with its Initial Public Offering in 2007 when it became the first largest private company to be to be publicly traded on the (NYSE) that is New York Stock Exchange. Currently, the company has over 1,750 investors and over $43 billion value of Assets. Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York City and it has been operating on the principle of having to enable its members to have high returns that are risk-free. It has more than 900 employees who are qualified to give the necessary advice. Wes Edens and Mr. Randal Nardone are some of the principles based in New York and Peter Briger based in San Francisco.

The Group basically specializes in some core areas that have seen it grow over years like asset-based investment, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, operations management etc.Some of the assets include real estate, capital, and commercial vehicles.When it comes to the management of the company’s operations, Fortress Investment Group extracts value in any investment portfolio while evaluating operational and structural strategies. The staffs at the company are professionals and well trained to deal with mergers and acquisitions involving stakeholders, management and board members of the companies getting into the merger. Capital markets are not an issue in the company because they have the knowledge and understanding of it.The Mastermind behind Fortress Investment Group is Rand, Wes, and Rob who combined their financial expertise which they gained from Goldman Sachs, UBS, Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Financial Management.

They had an aim of creating a unique investment firm; they invested $400 million which grew to $3.9 billion in only 5 years.They first invested in real estate, then hedge funds and debt securities. By 2006 there was Fortress Investment Fund I, II, III and IV, Fortress Partners Fund, Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund etc.In 2002, Michael Novogratz and Peter Briger joined the Group and they catapulted it to the ability to offer IPO in 2007. This is after it made various acquisitions like Intrawest, Rail America, and Penn National Gaming. After the IPO, the Group focused internationally in Japan, Asia, and Italy. In 2017, Softbank Group Corporation purchased it for $3.3 billion but still operates independently despite the purchase. It has received awards like the Year’s Credit-Focused Fund in 2010 and 2011 from Institutional Investor magazine, Hedge Fund Manager of the Year 2014 and the Best Management Firm 2014 by HFMWeek among others.


Doe Deere’s Words on Being an Owner of a Vegan Makeup Company

The makeup world has started to lean more toward natural and vegan makeup product options. Lime Crime make up company is a certified cruelty free and vegan make up brand. This particular brand is notable for those reasons and for its intense color pay off, glitter, and occasional nostalgic item. The brand recently made Polly Pocket shaped eyeshadow palette boxes that were instantly nostalgic for anyone who grew up with the toy. The company is famous for their unicorn lipstick and their Venus eyeshadow palettes.


The entrepreneur Doe Deere started the brand in 2008. She chose to make the brand vegan and cruelty free based on her concerns for animal rights in the cosmetic industry. It’s a sad reality that many cosmetics brands test on animals. Doe Deere didn’t want to follow that same path with her company. Lime Crime also does a lot of animal charity work, so Doe Deere wanted to follow through on that by retaining a vegan and cruelty free product base.


Although she has paid careful attention to keeping her makeup brand cruelty free, Doe Deere has made other mistakes as an entrepreneur. She has handled each of these business mistakes with an open mind and with the ability to continue learning. She sees them as the bumps in the road that you have to continue plowing through.


One of the latest vegan Lime Crime products is their Venus III eyeshadow palette. The Venus III eyeshadow palette is inspired from the Pantone color of the year, which was handpicked to be ultraviolet. This means that the palette is full of shades similar or that work well with ultraviolet. Venus III retails for $34. The eyeshadow palette was made available this spring. The palette is sold at the Lime Crime web store, Urban Outfitters, Ulta Beauty, and Lime Crime’s official Amazon web seller profile.


Doe Deere’s words of advice to future entrepreneurs is to stay true to yourself. Doe Deere has stayed true to herself with her business. Such as her decision to make the Like Crime brand cruelty free. This is an issue that was close to her heart and something that she wanted to have involved with her business decisions. The company is also a testament to her imagination. She has always loved various make up colors, lipsticks, and options to be creative. Lime Crime is proof that you can have a successful business and also make it your own. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital and How They Can Work for You

Madison Street Capital has been a capital management firm for lots of people since they were launched in 1994. Since they have opened, they have helped a lot of people who have needed it, including some of the biggest corporations out there. One such company is HeartSync and another is Medical Group. Because of the work that Madison Street Capital has done for these companies and the extensive work they do for everyone else who has hired them. Plus, when hiring Madison Street Capital, you’ll notice right off the bat that this is a company you can trust and know that they will not up charge for the services they’ve made available.


The fact of the matter is that Madison Street Capital has over two decades of experience and can help in a range of situations. They work with tax problems, bankruptcy claims as well as budgeting and all other things that might pertain to your needs. Having a corporation is a lot of work and it is nice to know that Madison Street Capital has your back and is able to assist you in a range of different ways that will be nothing short of beneficial for you. Their competitive rates make it easy for you to figure out what is needed and how to choose them for their help.


There are tons of reasons to consider Madison Street Capital and have them work on your company’s needs and necessities. For one, they have the experience that is needed. Plus, they can work with both individuals and corporations alike, so there’s never a time when you cannot hire them and have them working for you. Before you make the choice to hire any other company, it is crucial that you take a look at Madison Street Capital and know that this company is a wonderful option for your needs and anything else that you’re going to want to benefit from in the future.


The Madison Street Capital has gone through a variety of changes throughout the years, which has allowed them to stay as one of the world’s leading capital management firms. Because of their work within this industry, it is no surprise that they have worked on a range of different programs and needs of their clients. You will never have to worry that this is a company that is not going to be able to do the job for you, before you might have had problems finding the right company for your needs. Madison Street Capital has been a great option for a ton of companies needing this type of work and would like to know what is ready for them and all of their financial problems.


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Securus Technologies adapts tech from Mideast to fight battled closer to home

When the United States, under President George W. Bush, decided to invade Iraq, many experts predicted that the war would be a total disaster, both for the United States and for the Middle East. These experts were largely proven correct. Today, Iraq is a basket case, and the Middle East has been plunged into sectarian conflict, from which it may never recover.


However, there were a few good things to come out of the Iraq war. One of them was the technology known as Stingray, a system that is capable of detecting any cellular device within its operational range and intercepting or blocking any calls coming from it. The Stingray system proved to be so effective that it became an integral part of most combat patrols, helping U.S. servicemen determine enemy movements and gather crucial intelligence that ultimately saved many American lives.


Closer to home, there has been a battle raging throughout much of the United States. This battle has taken place between prison guards and the nation’s many gangs that are omnipresent throughout the country’s carceral facilities. This battle features an enemy that is determined and highly organized, just as the insurgents were in Iraq. And like their Mideastern counterparts, the prison gangs rely on mobile communications, sending out orders to people on the outside and coordinating their activities within the prison itself.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of prison security systems and inmate communications technologies in the United States, has begun to roll out its Wireless Containment System. Based heavily on the Stingray technology of the Iraq battlefield, the Wireless Containment System gives prison guards many of the same capabilities that U.S. soldiers found so useful in the Middle East theater. The Wireless Containment System has been proven effective at virtually eliminating all illegal cellular calls placed from within prisons where it has been installed.


This is welcome news to guards who work at the many prisons where gangs are active. As a result of the Wireless Containment System, these dangerous gangs are no longer able to take advantage of what was one of the most formidable weapons in their arsenal. The ability to communicate orders to those on the outside were a key factor in the ability of gangs to continue carrying out serious crimes, including the intimidation of witnesses, assaulting of prosecutors and even the murder of prison employees.


Thanks to the innovation of Securus Technologies, those problems are quickly become a thing of the past. But Securus is still working to get the word out about the system as there are many prisons that have not yet adopted the technology. Securus believes, however, that the WCS will be installed in most prisons throughout the country by the year 2020.


HCR Wealth Advisors Helping People with Personalized Wealth Management Solutions

The financial challenges that people face these days are more than what it used to be. Many middle-aged people these days have to work almost round the clock to make ends meet as they are under financial pressure. Not only do these people have to ensure that the future of their children is bright and prosperous, but they also often have to help bear the living and health care expenses of their parents. As the average lifespan of the people has increased in the past couple of decades due to the modern health care and medical science, people live more than expected. Many parents are living with their children these days, and many young people are moving back the homes of their parents.


If you are not able to ascertain how to manage your finances well, then consulting a financial expert could be a good start. HCR Wealth Advisors is an investment advisory firms in Los Angeles, which has helped many of its clients with their financial advice. HCR Wealth Advisors establishes relationships with their clients through education and trust while providing them with personalized financial strategies.


One of the underlying reasons why people are facing financial challenges is because they not only have to secure their future financially but also that of their children’s. Many young adults also take care of the financial obligations of their parents, which puts extra pressure on their finances.


As most people either get confused with the number of investment options available these days or just are unable to comprehend where to invest, taking help from a financial advisor may help. HCR Wealth Advisors provides investment advice to its clients to help them achieve their objectives without any problems. The dynamics in the financial world are constantly changing, and people need to understand how to deal with those changes.

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Jed McCaleb-A Decentralized Future for Currency

Jed McCaleb is Chief Technology Officer at Stellar, a cryptocurrency development company, that aims to use blockchain technology to support cross-border payments on a secure platform. Jed McCaleb predicts that the technology associated with cryptocurrency will change the way global payments function, and will also affect fundraising and stock markets. During a recent CNBC interview, McCaleb stated that “In the future, I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate, a public ledger that people can see and can’t change arbitrarily”. This network will use the current forms of currency that people are used to, such as Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. IBM is currently using Stellar’s network to develop a payments system that crosses borders and will be used by select banks.


Token Sales, or “initial coin offerings” have totaled around $9 billion in a little over four years, and McCaleb notes that this a phenomenon that shows an untapped market. These tokens can possibly appreciate in value as the market continues to grow.


Although many fraudulent vendors have arisen, most who are proponents of this growing technology say that this represents a new model for fundraising. Due to the fact that revenue made from token sales is being invested directly in the companies undertaking these development projects, investors have a hand in helping to grow the blockchain crypto startups.


McCaleb believes assets like stocks will become digitized using the crypto blockchain technology. He speculates that in the next 10 years it is likely that all equity will become tokenized on a blockchain since this allows for greater amounts of encrypted security and uability. Due to the number of people trading in the state of the current market, it is plausible that most if not all future exchanges will be decentralized. It seems as though centrally controlled exchanges may become a thing of the past. There is an obvious shift being made towards this more secure, more dependable, less centralized network of exchange. It is very well possible that in the next few decades there will a gradual push towards integrating blockchain technologies into most practical exchanges.