A Look At Rising Social Media Figure And Blogger Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a famous blogger and social media figure. Dao has used her expertise to work with a number of different brands in the travel, fashion, and makeup industries. Dao attended the University of Western Australia, where she studied psychology and Japanese. Dao started her blogging career after heading to Japan. As the readership grew, the Kim Dao Blog was featured by both Australian and Japanese media outlets.


Dao loves to communicate with her followers every day through her multiple social media platforms. Dao uses that communication to help brainstorm new ideas. Dao is exited about the impact that social media and technological advancements have made on the World. Dao is also open to any feedback and adjustments that her followers can think of.


Dao credits her success to having passion for her work. She enjoys showcasing her thoughts to her followers. Dao believes that aspiring entrepreneurs should find out what makes them happy and try to create a project that emphasizes that great passion. Dao is a fan of many different software services that benefit her business. On a personal level, Skype is a favorite of Dao because that makes it easy for Dao to communicate with her family and friends regardless of where she is at around the World.


Dao considers herself a fan of authors Gary Vaynerchuk, Malcolm Gladwell and Rolf Potts. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/