Ryan Seacrest — Lines of Fashion and Cuts of Fame

The pocket square is a valuable piece of clothing for the modern man. Ryan Seacrest has made it easy for modern men to match their clothing. He has released a line of fashionable items that go well with his line of suits. His accessories include belts, pocket squares, cuff links, and jewelry. The accessories will be interchangeable between looks, and men will be easily styled. The suits designed by Ryan Seacrest are based on his own fashion sense. His unique vision is what gives the fashion line its character. He enjoys wearing stylish clothes that fit well. During his time on American Idol as a contestant, Ryan Seacrest employed Christopher Bailey as his personal tailor. Bailey has designed looks for Burberry and the red carpet. Naturally, he made the best possible suits for Ryan Seacrest. Each suit was clean cut with low-profile trims. The slim look gave Ryan Seacrest a unique appearance. He wanted this look to be available across America, and his fans wanted the same clothes he was wearing.


Ryan Seacrest signed a contract with Macy’s to make his clothes widely available. They are easily purchased by families throughout America. When he and Macy’s teamed up, they agreed upon an exclusive deal. Macy’s is the only retailer that will be allowed to sell these great fashions. That means they will always be available for the average American, the price will not exceed a certain point. Each suit was hand picked by Ryan Seacrest, and he designed it with attention to detail, fabric, and cut. The same tailored quality that goes into his wardrobe has gone into his clothing line.


Ryan Seacrest has a large fan base that continues to grow. A the star of American Idol, he has enjoyed the lifestyle of an artist always on the go. His clothes compliment that lifestyle. Each suit can be worn on any occasion. It was designed for the man who has to make meetings, dates, and outings. They can even be worn on a flight. The clothes have received good reviews from fans, and they are expected to release a new line soon.

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