Larkin and Lacey Leading Personalities in the World of Media in the United States

One of the most significant problems with the world today is that the most trusted source of information and news, which are media houses and newspapers, aren’t trusted anymore by the people. It is primarily because most of the most prominent newspapers and news channels are owned and operated by the big corporations, who want to manipulate the public to create rumors and thought shift as per their ideology and benefits.

Many alternative media houses across the globe are cropping up to ensure that the truth is presented to the people without any twists and biased influence. One of the biggest alternative media companies in the United States is Village Voice Media, which publishes newspapers like Phoenix New Times and New Times.

Village Voice Media is owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, who have supported truth and independent journalism from the time they were in college. It is how they started Phoenix New Times when the local media channels were not reporting clearly and falsely about the protests held by students against the war.

Recently, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey came into the limelight for being arrested during the late hours of the night on the orders of Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff. Joe Arpaio has often featured on the news reporting of Larkin and Lacey due to his wrongdoings, especially against the minority communities in the region. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Many Hispanic people were the targets of the oppression by Joe Arpaio, and the people who raised voice against him were also penalized. It is what caused the people as well as the media houses to stay silent on what he used to do mostly. Joe Arpaio is also infamously called America’s Toughest Sheriff.

The arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin shook entire country as their only crime was to do their job and to give people with the news they deserve to know about. Joe Arpaio was upset for the report on Phoenix New Times about the Grand Jury Investigations in which the news editor, reporter, journalists, writer, and even the readers were subpoena.

The arrest of Jim and Michael created a stir in the media fraternity, and many other channels joined the bandwagon and raised their voice against the oppression and misuse of power by Joe Arpaio, but even after all that pressure by the entire nation, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were kept in prison and interrogated for 24 days.

Later on, Larkin and Lacey filed the lawsuit against the sheriff and the law enforcement agency, which they won after a long and gruesome battle. The state even gave Larkin and Lacey the compensation amount of $3.7 million for the traumatic experience they had to endure.

The court of law convicted Joe Arpaio for wrongfully ordering the arrest of Larkin and Lacey, but entire nation was shocked when US President Donald Trump granted him pardon recently. So, Joe Arpaio would be walking free again without serving any jail time, but it is said that Trump returned the favor to the sheriff as Joe Arpaio also supported Trump during his election campaign.

Tony Petrello Contributes $7 Million To A Research Center

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist and a business executive in the United States. He leads a company known as Nabors Industries. This is one of the best oil and natural gas drilling companies in the world currently. The company boasts of having the best technology when it comes to drilling operations. Numerous companies all over the world, therefore, hire its services.

Currently, the company has ongoing operations in 25 locations in different parts of the globe. Nabors Industries have also been entering into agreements with top oil and natural gas drilling companies with the aim of expanding its business to as many parts of the globe a possible. They recently entered into an agreement with the biggest oil firm in the world known as Saudi Aramco. Nabors Industries will supply them with the best drilling technology.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the company now after his appointment in 2011. He is responsible for the growth witnessed in this firm for the last few years. Since he joined the firm, he has implemented numerous measures which have expanded business operations. He came up with the idea of acquisitions which saw the company acquire some rival companies to hasten its development. As a CEO he has also had a major accomplishment of running the company post the 2008 global financial crisis. While many companies were closing down due to losses, Nabors Industries was riding all the way up, making the profits than ever before. In 2015, Tony Petrello was ranked one of the top-paid CEOs in the country due to the high gains made by the company.

Anthony Petrello made other huge other achievements in other industries apart from the oil industry. When he is not working in the drilling industry, he is searching for opportunities to give back to the community. He is best known for engaging in philanthropy. He currently runs a number of charitable causes. The most popular is the neurological cause. This is an initiative that supports a neurological research center found at the Texas Children’s Hospital known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center.

Tony together with his wife has given over $7 million which have gone to the creation of a research center which takes care of the needs of the community. Tony Petrello is ready to make a huge impact in the lives of children living with neurological disorders if the research work goes through.

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Madison Street Capital- The Power of Unwavering Business Professionalism

Madison Street Capital played a prominent advising role in the business merger between the DCG Software Values and the Spitfire Group. The Madison Street Capital is prominent for offering investment banking option to various middle market companies and exclusively acted as DCG financial advisor. The DCG Software Value is renowned for being global providers of software estimation, function point analysis, software value management among others. While The Spitfire Group core duty is providing technology-oriented consultation and it’s based in Denver according to an article published in


The merger between the DCG Software Values and the Spitfire Group was announced by the Charles Botchway the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. Jay Rodgers led the whole process, but they did not disclose the transaction deals. According to DCG Software Values Chief Executive Officer Mike Harris, both companies have exceptional and well skills and experienced management team. The sentiments seconded by the Chief Executive Officer of Spitfire Mr. Mark Richtermeyer. Botchway added that working with both companies provided him with exceptional experiences due to their in-depth knowledge of technology and software.


He stated that he believes the merger will add value to their client’s base making it grow tremendously.

DCG Software Value began in 1994, and it has provided exceptional software services to their clients including the flexible support. The firm deals with all companies regardless of their size who rely on DCG to give them practical software that fosters in the companies’ resources management and decision making. The software helps in offering a quantifiable impact on the company agenda and mission. DCG has its corporate offices strategically opened in Malvern Pa, and the UK offices service the whole of Europe.


The Spitfire Group offers technology and business consulting services, and it specializes in enabling their clients to achieve the alignment between their technology initiatives and the business objectives. It aids in utilizing the company force multiplier concept, and it has skilled and educated team members with years of experiences and performing their core duties with high levels of integrity. The team members of Spitfire Group has a background in architecture assessment, integration of projects, custom developments and project management and they use the latest technology devices to tackle any business challenge.


Madison Street Capital has decades of international presence as an investment banking firm. It’s committed to providing excellence, integrity, and leadership to their vast client’s base. The firm mandates include delivering of corporate financial and advisory services, the offering of economic opinions, providing of acquisition and merger expertise and offering valuation services. The firm deals with both private and also public companies, and it has earned strong trust from different clients globally with their high levels of integrity, unwavering dedication, and professional standards.