Neurocore Does Brain Training

People misunderstand the ability of the human brain. They think that things are set in stone when it comes to mental ability and emotional states. However, this is not true. This misconception is harmful because of the fact that it is used as an excuse for people to not try to improve themselves. Sometimes, people hide behind psychological problems that they have either diagnosed themselves or have had diagnosed by professionals. This is problematic because it means that many people keep themselves from reaching their highest potential when it comes to optimum mental health and well-being.

Many times, mental health professionals are trigger happy when it comes to making diagnosis and giving treatments that should really be last resorts.

Instead of succumbing to hopelessness and the shoddy advise of professionals, you can come to Neurocore to figure out and improve your issues. They give clients a variety of tests to figure out how their brains work and what is wrong with them. Some of these tests include electroencaphalograms, heart rate variability tests, behavioral checklists, a clinical intake discussion and an integrated visual and auditory continuous performance test. You can schedule an assessment from Neurocore by filling out a form on their website or calling a phone number.

After assessing clients, Neurocore provides brain training services to people who want to improve their issues. Brain training takes advantage of the plasticity of the human brain. They use neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions to aide clients in their development. For example, there are 30-session programs where you watch a movie. If your brain activity is normal, the movie will keep playing. If your brain activity is not normal, the movie will stop playing. Clients learn to breath deeper so that their brain activity can go back to normal.

It is very crucial to breath properly because 20% of the oxygen that people breath in goes to their brains. Every session, clients spend the first few minutes being schooled on how to breath by professionals who work for Neurocore.

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