Jason Hope Breaks Down The Internet Of Things

For quite some time philanthropist and entrepreneur Jason Hope has been writing extensively about the Internet of Things. Recently this has been a term that’s been thrown around by bigwigs in the telecommunications and healthcare industries but what exactly does it mean?

Having written extensively at Tech co. about the Internet of Things, Mr. Hope is calling this the “greatest new wave of advancement to hit the tech industry.” In order to give the reader a greater understanding of why entrepreneurs like Jason Hope are calling this new technology one of the most revolutionary advancements of the twenty-first century, we’ve put together a short article breaking it down.

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A Breakdown Of Future Of The Internet Of Things

Broadband internet has become increasingly available to just about anyone The cost of connecting is getting cheaper with connection speeds getting faster. What is possible today when browsing the internet was almost unthinkable 20 years ago. Most adults remember the old days of dial-up connection when it took a day to download a single song. Today it takes seconds. With the advent of 5G wireless internet technology expected to roll out in select cities by next 2019, new applications will rise in the augmented and virtual reality sectors that are sure to revolutionize both our environment and the way we receive our health care. Jason Hope believes that with 5G technology, mobile data speeds are projected to be as fast as fiber optic speeds, meaning new sensor technology that requires a sufficient amount of data will run quickly and smoothly. Some of these new sensor technologies will grant mobile applications with the ability to perform full-body scans and provide an extremely accurate diagnosis for health care professionals. Augmented reality will assist surgeons when performing surgery, providing them with accurate on the stop data in real time about their patient’s diagnostics all while streaming live to potential new surgeons.

The entrepreneur believes that as we continue into the twenty-first-century health care will become increasingly remote; meaning, people will no longer have to go to the doctor’s office to receive a professional diagnosis. Hope is one of the leading supporter of SENS Foundation.

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