Larkin and Lacey Leading Personalities in the World of Media in the United States

One of the most significant problems with the world today is that the most trusted source of information and news, which are media houses and newspapers, aren’t trusted anymore by the people. It is primarily because most of the most prominent newspapers and news channels are owned and operated by the big corporations, who want to manipulate the public to create rumors and thought shift as per their ideology and benefits.

Many alternative media houses across the globe are cropping up to ensure that the truth is presented to the people without any twists and biased influence. One of the biggest alternative media companies in the United States is Village Voice Media, which publishes newspapers like Phoenix New Times and New Times.

Village Voice Media is owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, who have supported truth and independent journalism from the time they were in college. It is how they started Phoenix New Times when the local media channels were not reporting clearly and falsely about the protests held by students against the war.

Recently, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey came into the limelight for being arrested during the late hours of the night on the orders of Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff. Joe Arpaio has often featured on the news reporting of Larkin and Lacey due to his wrongdoings, especially against the minority communities in the region. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Many Hispanic people were the targets of the oppression by Joe Arpaio, and the people who raised voice against him were also penalized. It is what caused the people as well as the media houses to stay silent on what he used to do mostly. Joe Arpaio is also infamously called America’s Toughest Sheriff.

The arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin shook entire country as their only crime was to do their job and to give people with the news they deserve to know about. Joe Arpaio was upset for the report on Phoenix New Times about the Grand Jury Investigations in which the news editor, reporter, journalists, writer, and even the readers were subpoena.

The arrest of Jim and Michael created a stir in the media fraternity, and many other channels joined the bandwagon and raised their voice against the oppression and misuse of power by Joe Arpaio, but even after all that pressure by the entire nation, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were kept in prison and interrogated for 24 days.

Later on, Larkin and Lacey filed the lawsuit against the sheriff and the law enforcement agency, which they won after a long and gruesome battle. The state even gave Larkin and Lacey the compensation amount of $3.7 million for the traumatic experience they had to endure.

The court of law convicted Joe Arpaio for wrongfully ordering the arrest of Larkin and Lacey, but entire nation was shocked when US President Donald Trump granted him pardon recently. So, Joe Arpaio would be walking free again without serving any jail time, but it is said that Trump returned the favor to the sheriff as Joe Arpaio also supported Trump during his election campaign.

James Larkin the Irish Voice for other Workers

Since time immemorial workers have always struggled to get fair pay for the services they render as work. In this struggling, there has arisen among these workers someone who sacrifice themselves to fight to attain fare wages for all through collective bargaining.

These people have been able to organize the other workers inform of unions, and through them, they had achieved much more than when each person was all for themselves. An example of such a person is Jim Larkin, an Irish laborer and socialist who played a significant role in fighting for his fellow workers for better pay.

His date of birth was January 21st, 1874 in the slums of Liverpool, England. Jim Larkin wasn’t privileged to be well educated. Coming from a disadvantaged family, he set out to do the only other thing he could, and that was work. Eventually, his hard work paid off, and he became the foreman of the docks.

His background rise from a laborer to a foreman familiarized him with the struggle down in the employment food chain. He was moved to join the National Union of Dock laborers as a committed socialist to see that the workers got treated fairly. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

By now Jim was a rising star who knew what he wanted, and nothing was going to stop him. In 1905 he became a full-time organizer of the NUDL, but his brutal methods weren’t in line with the union’s code of conduct. In the result, he got transferred to Dublin in 1907.

After the great labor unrest, ITGWU grew thrice. Its presence resulted in the Labour Party formed by James Larkin and James Connoly in 1912. Like most labor parties it was involved in a series of strikes especially the Dublin Lockout.

That saw more than a 100,000 workers go on strike for eight months in 1913 with the employers yielding to the demands

With the glory days gone, he organized the workers union of Ireland in 1924 and stood for the people till his demise on January 30, 1947.

Jim Larkin was married to Elizabeth and had four children; one of his sons took after him. His wife Elizabeth had separated as Jim’s methods became more radical.