What The Business Success of Dr. Clay Siegall Will Teach Future Biotech Entrepreneurs

There may already be a lot of insightful, factual articles relating to the professional and personal life of Dr. Clay Siegall. People have already known him to be the founder and CEO of Seatlle Genetics. He is already known as the man that has specialized various therapy drugs for diseases that have not been given attention yet. Finding such cures is also the goal of Seattle Genetics. This is what drives Dr. Clay Siegall to still be working for his Seattle-based firm with focus on biotech.

In an article from Inspirery, people learned a lot about how Dr. Siegall has run his company as well as how he has built the right networks to grow more opportunities. In the interview, he also shared the most urgent challenges, solutions and the right ways to deliver the best, safer and effected targeted drugs to all patients.

There was also a long discussion in the interview about how Dr. Siegall started in business. Initially, Dr. Siegall’s interest in the medical field started in his passion for the different technology used in medicine that are not usually featured in mainstream media. He is also fascinated by the power of technology and how to tap the nature’s resources today to improve people’s wellbeing. In terms of making money, Dr. Siegall also shared that the strongest platform to generate revenue right now of his company is through the sales of their proprietary drugs. These drugs are FDA-approved, guaranteed safe and are antibody drug conjugates. It’s also a source of pride of Dr. Clay Siegall that his team has got one of their drugs to be the first ADC that got the FDA approval.

About Dr. Siegall

It must also be added here that Dr. Siegall has a formal education in B.S. in Zoology from the prestigious University of Maryland. His PHD degree came from the George Washington University. Such educational background indicates a formal training, but that’s not where everything of the success of Dr.Siegall came from. It may be said that it is his trial and error, risk-taking capabilities and his drive for finding the right cures that lead to the success his company receives today.