Tony Petrello Contributes $7 Million To A Research Center

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist and a business executive in the United States. He leads a company known as Nabors Industries. This is one of the best oil and natural gas drilling companies in the world currently. The company boasts of having the best technology when it comes to drilling operations. Numerous companies all over the world, therefore, hire its services.

Currently, the company has ongoing operations in 25 locations in different parts of the globe. Nabors Industries have also been entering into agreements with top oil and natural gas drilling companies with the aim of expanding its business to as many parts of the globe a possible. They recently entered into an agreement with the biggest oil firm in the world known as Saudi Aramco. Nabors Industries will supply them with the best drilling technology.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the company now after his appointment in 2011. He is responsible for the growth witnessed in this firm for the last few years. Since he joined the firm, he has implemented numerous measures which have expanded business operations. He came up with the idea of acquisitions which saw the company acquire some rival companies to hasten its development. As a CEO he has also had a major accomplishment of running the company post the 2008 global financial crisis. While many companies were closing down due to losses, Nabors Industries was riding all the way up, making the profits than ever before. In 2015, Tony Petrello was ranked one of the top-paid CEOs in the country due to the high gains made by the company.

Anthony Petrello made other huge other achievements in other industries apart from the oil industry. When he is not working in the drilling industry, he is searching for opportunities to give back to the community. He is best known for engaging in philanthropy. He currently runs a number of charitable causes. The most popular is the neurological cause. This is an initiative that supports a neurological research center found at the Texas Children’s Hospital known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center.

Tony together with his wife has given over $7 million which have gone to the creation of a research center which takes care of the needs of the community. Tony Petrello is ready to make a huge impact in the lives of children living with neurological disorders if the research work goes through.

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Doe Deere’s Words on Being an Owner of a Vegan Makeup Company

The makeup world has started to lean more toward natural and vegan makeup product options. Lime Crime make up company is a certified cruelty free and vegan make up brand. This particular brand is notable for those reasons and for its intense color pay off, glitter, and occasional nostalgic item. The brand recently made Polly Pocket shaped eyeshadow palette boxes that were instantly nostalgic for anyone who grew up with the toy. The company is famous for their unicorn lipstick and their Venus eyeshadow palettes.


The entrepreneur Doe Deere started the brand in 2008. She chose to make the brand vegan and cruelty free based on her concerns for animal rights in the cosmetic industry. It’s a sad reality that many cosmetics brands test on animals. Doe Deere didn’t want to follow that same path with her company. Lime Crime also does a lot of animal charity work, so Doe Deere wanted to follow through on that by retaining a vegan and cruelty free product base.


Although she has paid careful attention to keeping her makeup brand cruelty free, Doe Deere has made other mistakes as an entrepreneur. She has handled each of these business mistakes with an open mind and with the ability to continue learning. She sees them as the bumps in the road that you have to continue plowing through.


One of the latest vegan Lime Crime products is their Venus III eyeshadow palette. The Venus III eyeshadow palette is inspired from the Pantone color of the year, which was handpicked to be ultraviolet. This means that the palette is full of shades similar or that work well with ultraviolet. Venus III retails for $34. The eyeshadow palette was made available this spring. The palette is sold at the Lime Crime web store, Urban Outfitters, Ulta Beauty, and Lime Crime’s official Amazon web seller profile.


Doe Deere’s words of advice to future entrepreneurs is to stay true to yourself. Doe Deere has stayed true to herself with her business. Such as her decision to make the Like Crime brand cruelty free. This is an issue that was close to her heart and something that she wanted to have involved with her business decisions. The company is also a testament to her imagination. She has always loved various make up colors, lipsticks, and options to be creative. Lime Crime is proof that you can have a successful business and also make it your own. Learn more: