Securus Technologies adapts tech from Mideast to fight battled closer to home

When the United States, under President George W. Bush, decided to invade Iraq, many experts predicted that the war would be a total disaster, both for the United States and for the Middle East. These experts were largely proven correct. Today, Iraq is a basket case, and the Middle East has been plunged into sectarian conflict, from which it may never recover.


However, there were a few good things to come out of the Iraq war. One of them was the technology known as Stingray, a system that is capable of detecting any cellular device within its operational range and intercepting or blocking any calls coming from it. The Stingray system proved to be so effective that it became an integral part of most combat patrols, helping U.S. servicemen determine enemy movements and gather crucial intelligence that ultimately saved many American lives.


Closer to home, there has been a battle raging throughout much of the United States. This battle has taken place between prison guards and the nation’s many gangs that are omnipresent throughout the country’s carceral facilities. This battle features an enemy that is determined and highly organized, just as the insurgents were in Iraq. And like their Mideastern counterparts, the prison gangs rely on mobile communications, sending out orders to people on the outside and coordinating their activities within the prison itself.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of prison security systems and inmate communications technologies in the United States, has begun to roll out its Wireless Containment System. Based heavily on the Stingray technology of the Iraq battlefield, the Wireless Containment System gives prison guards many of the same capabilities that U.S. soldiers found so useful in the Middle East theater. The Wireless Containment System has been proven effective at virtually eliminating all illegal cellular calls placed from within prisons where it has been installed.


This is welcome news to guards who work at the many prisons where gangs are active. As a result of the Wireless Containment System, these dangerous gangs are no longer able to take advantage of what was one of the most formidable weapons in their arsenal. The ability to communicate orders to those on the outside were a key factor in the ability of gangs to continue carrying out serious crimes, including the intimidation of witnesses, assaulting of prosecutors and even the murder of prison employees.


Thanks to the innovation of Securus Technologies, those problems are quickly become a thing of the past. But Securus is still working to get the word out about the system as there are many prisons that have not yet adopted the technology. Securus believes, however, that the WCS will be installed in most prisons throughout the country by the year 2020.


Rick Smith’s Dedication Helps Make Prisons Better

Securus is a company that has been able to serve people who are in the prison industry and who are a part of the prisons. They work to make sure that administrators have the support that they need, guards are able to do their jobs and prisoners can get the minor supplies that they require to be able to live their lives in prison. Rick Smith is at the center of this operation and is the CEO of the Securus company. He wants to make the company even better than what it is. He has made it better than when he first started and has brought a lot to the company but he still knows that there is room for improvement in the prison industry. He always works to use his background in engineering to make things better for the people who are a part of the company.

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The administrators of the prison have a very important job. They have to do a lot with the things that are going on in the prison and they have to make sure that they are running it efficiently. Rick Smith knows that it can be a hard job to have and he makes sure that Securus is able to support them in any way possible. Because of the way that Securus is able to operate, Rick Smith works to provide people with all of the options that they need and with the experiences that can make the administrative portion of the prison better.

In many prisons that don’t have things like kiosks, guards are relegated to doing things like passing out envelopes and delivering messages to the administrators. This takes away from their true job duties and can make things harder for them to be able to get what they need out of the prison. When people are able to take advantage of everything that they have in the prison with the kiosks, the guards are actually able to do their jobs so that they can make things better for the people who are working in administration. It also makes things safer for the prison all around.

Despite the fact that Rick Smith Securus is trying to make life easier for those who run the prison, he also has to do some things that are related to the prisoners. He runs the commissary division of Securus and that has allowed him the chance to make things better for the prisoners. He knows that people who are able to keep lines of communication open with their families will be more likely to not return to the prison. This can make things better for the people who run the prison because then they don’t have a prison that is too full. Follow Rick’s profile at

Securus Technologies Meets its Destiny

Securus Technologies is a leader in the communications industry, and it specializes in correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety associations. Currently serving over 3,400 clients and over 1.2 million inmates and their families, Securus supplies lots of phone calls to lots of people on a consistent basis.


People who are incarcerated now have connections to their families and friends on the outside. The meaning of being able to talk to someone each day if you wish is a big thing when you are in prison. It gives life meaning, a way to communicate and “feel normal” for just a little while.


For the families on the outside, it is a way to keep tabs on their loved ones and keep that connection going. Whether a person is in for a long term or just a few years, having communication with people you are close to helps a lot.


Recently a competitor of Securus, GTL began to publicly denounce Securus saying that it was a second rate company and that the GTL services were much better and prices much better than Securus. The statements and examples that GTL had dreamed up were in no way accurate, and the just didn’t make any sense. It seemed that their trumped up comparisons came right out of the Twilight Zone, as nothing added up.


Securus decided to stop the ridiculous tirade by offering a challenge to GTL. Both companies would lay out their servicing and pricing metrics, side by side, and then a disinterested third party would judge the two and decide which was better. The results would then be publically displayed.


The immediate result from GTL was immediate and total silence. Nothing. Finally, after a couple of weeks, Securus received a memo from GTL declining participation in the challenge. Securus officials knew this would be the result. It is difficult to argue against the truth because when the light shines, truth always wins out.