How Graeme Holm is changing the financial future of Australians

Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia, an organization that offers financial services on debt reduction and money management. The organization which was formed in 2013 has shown good results in helping the people manage their finances and secure their future.




Holm introduced a customer-driven approach to secure the financial future of the clients who approached the organization. With many Australians living from paycheck to paycheck, the financial management aspect seems to be flawed. People are left with too little to cater for other needs such as mortgage repayment and investments.




Holm who is an MBA Top 100 Broker and an experienced banker in Australia saw the need to help struggling Australians with the management of their finances so that they can stop living from paycheck to paycheck. He was moved by the approach that banks were applying while offering financial services to their customers.




Once a bank offers a loan to a customer, there is no support given to help the customer manage the finances appropriately. It becomes the responsibility of the customer to know how they will manage the money and repay the loan. Since many of these people lack financial knowledge, they end up struggling with loans. Bank loans attract high-interest rates which are normally the catch for the banks. They want the customer to struggle with loan repayment so that they can get more from interests.




Graeme Holm sought to change this trend by helping the people manage their finances such that they can repay loans in the shortest time possible. By repaying a loan in a short time, one will end up paying less for the loan and saving more money that can be used for other important investments.




Graeme Holm has a passion for financial matters. He started Infinity Group because he wanted to see the people secure their future. He teamed up with Rebecca Walker to create this company which is now helping Australians save an average of $41,000 in one year. Infinity Group is helping the people save more in three months what they save in one year.




Graeme Holm is using personal bankers to accomplish his goals. He is assigning personal financial coaches to clients. The personal banker monitors the spending of the client to see where they can save more. They also prepare monthly reports to help them analyze the spending satisfactorily.




Holm is proud of the achievements he has made so far. Clients are pleased with his work and have given positive reviews about their experience with Infinity Group Australia. The services that clients are getting in this company are unique and something that has not been experienced before.




No other debt reduction company has been able to record such impressive results in shirt time of being business. Infinity Group is also the first company to help clients save such huge amounts of money. With clients managing to clear mortgage loans that should have taken 30 years in about 10 years, there is no doubt about the benefits of working with this company. Learn more :

Jim Toner Returns To Real Estate Investment

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has worked in real estate investment for more than 25 years. He went from wholesale deals to helping veterans on CNN. In 2010, he quit real estate investment. A well known investor in Phoenix, Arizona took many of his clients and showed him the dirty tricks that were possible. He started advising businesses and entrepreneurs on “celebrity positioning.” His book “Send in the Wolves” become a number one best seller.

One of his friends asked him if he was still an investor, but he told him about the Government intervention and GURUS who caused him to leave the business. His friend convinced him months later that his story was more authentic than other investors. According to, Jim Toner knew he had news appearances and writings in Business Journals that proved his life’s journey. He made the decision to enter the business if he could choose the market and a local investor.

Successful in investment real estate requires a hands on approach. He began in Akron, Ohio where he had completed more than 200 deals. He looked for a real estate investor who knew the city well. Andrew Carnegie was correct when he said many millionaires used real estate the most. According to Jim, he was tired of the industry’s lies. People need a team of full-time investors. Jim’s team, in conjunction with his system, had great success. His team planned to create a portfolio in every city they operated in. They inspire people to follow their lead. Their Ohio goal is to invest in 500 homes. They will take care of anyone who qualifies to work with them because they want a strong alliance with many people. “The Band of Rebels” podcast will explain more about who they are. They are unique entrepreneurs that make money and treat people right. Jim Toner loves helping people make extra money. Good guys can sometimes win in a dirty market. You can know more about Toner on his website.

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The Facts About Ted Bauman’s Career That Most People Don’t Know Yet

Running a company is no less difficult an enterprise than any other venture out there that are considered noble by the society. Companies or any type of business are even more worthy of praise because they generate jobs and livelihood for people. One of these business leaders that are doing their best for people to get quality jobs is Ted Bauman, the man who writes and offers expert opinion for Banyan Hill Publishing.

It may be cited here that Ted Bauman has joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, and since then has worked himself up until he became the editor for The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. These are the journals where his ideas, expertise and unrelenting drive to improve people’s assets are being maximised. The areas of expertise of Ted Bauman include international migration issues as well as low-risk investment programs. It is also the mission of Ted Bauman today to help people get better control with their finances, free from corporate and government greed, as well as sovereign from the controls of external forces.

Two of the articles that best describe how Bauman has helped people with their assets can best be explained in Ask Reporter and Gazette news portals. In the Gazette piece, Bauman tried to explain in an article the many ways that the economic system can fail on someone and how to lessen its damages to one’s assets. He also shared some of the best analysis, tips and solutions to protect one’s wealth from the fluctuations in the economy.

With the 20 years of excellent experience already of Bauman in investments, he is able to best tell everyone the best ways to get assets in the right financial fitness status. There may be a lot of bold and threatening business leaders in the world, but with Bauman’s advice, these risks can best be managed.

The Ask Reporter article also presented some of the good tips that Bauman sees to be important for people who want to protect their assets from any type of natural or man-made disaster. His expertise has also been honed by his education from the University of Cape Town with Postgraduate Degrees in Economics and History. He also has 25 years of work experience in Africa, working for various non-profit groups.

Jim Toner Shares His Secrets On How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

The past many years were hard for an average citizen in America. House marketing crush and recession have made lives unbearable by bringing out many scams and crushing many dreams. Several people have lost their properties, and in their retirement accounts and real estate and naturally, and in the process, they lost hope. Nevertheless, the fact is that the real estate was not bad, the problem escalated when people around the market started making misguided decisions.

Jim Toner is a prominent business person and real estate, investor. In the 25 years of his profession, Jim has strived to succeed in his business and by controlling his life. He managed to thrive again in his business after encountering a series of unfortunate events. Currently, Toner says that the world is embracing an era of potentially amazing wealth accretion. According to him, the individuals who are ready will have a better opportunity to capitalize on the coming five years.

Additionally, Jim has made a noble decision to share his secrets with those people with hopes of taking control of their financial freedom and not allow fear to overcome them. For the starters, Jim claims that your attitude is one of the most valuable assets of accumulating wealth in the real estate industry. Even though the majority of people blamed the real estate for the 2008 financial crisis, Jim insists that the misguided decisions made by the people led to the crisis and not the market. He also recommends that there can never be a good time to invest in the real estate since the investors are now capitalizing on a market with low prices.

Apart from knowledge, Jim talks about attitude, when a person is required to make life and business decisions, Toner cannot highlight the significance of attitude enough. For instance, in the real estate markets, whichever side you are will depend on how you evaluate the economy.

Additionally, Toner says that networking with skilled individuals is important as it will assist you to develop more. However, this is not something that Toner implemented as the majority of prosperous business persons shared the same sentiments. They understood that they could not manage on their own so, they created a team of skilled and knowledge of others.

Why Jim Larkin is a famous historical figure

Many people refer Jim as Big Jim. He has had many roles in his life, and the most notable one is when he joined trade unions to fight for the workers’ rights. Why did Jim Larkin Develop interest in fighting for workers? He grew from a humble background, and his family was lived in slums in England.

Living here, his parents lacked money to educate him well, and that is why he never received a full formal education. But Larkin was destined for greatness. He always wanted to achieve a lot in his life and poverty did not change his destiny.

To achieve his success, he began working at various jobs. At this time he was a child but wanted to save his family from poverty. How did Jim Larkin end up? He is today one of the individuals recognized for their roles in shaping the life of workers. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

After working on various jobs, he went to live in Belfast and joined the trade unions working fulltime. He wanted to work with the trade unions to help workers fight for their rights and get better pay for the services they delivered.

Jim Larkin continued working tirelessly and started other organizations to help him in his endeavors. He began Workers Union and later led the Dublin Lockout which became successful. In his struggle, he worked with various people, and he is recognized for his role in trade unions.

James Connolly, his friend, and colleague once described him as a genius who was determined to achieve success in whatever he started. Bernard Shaw also described him as the most excellent man in the history of Ireland.

When Larkin represented the trade unions in 1907, his most significant task was to unite the workers. He knew if he united the workers, he would achieve success in pushing the companies to agree on wages to the workers.

If they disagreed, he would then call for a strike, and he would be hopeful that the disputes would be solved. He was successful in bringing the workers together and worked hard to ensure their rights were respected. That is why Jim Larkin is a respected figure in various parts of the world.

What The Business Success of Dr. Clay Siegall Will Teach Future Biotech Entrepreneurs

There may already be a lot of insightful, factual articles relating to the professional and personal life of Dr. Clay Siegall. People have already known him to be the founder and CEO of Seatlle Genetics. He is already known as the man that has specialized various therapy drugs for diseases that have not been given attention yet. Finding such cures is also the goal of Seattle Genetics. This is what drives Dr. Clay Siegall to still be working for his Seattle-based firm with focus on biotech.

In an article from Inspirery, people learned a lot about how Dr. Siegall has run his company as well as how he has built the right networks to grow more opportunities. In the interview, he also shared the most urgent challenges, solutions and the right ways to deliver the best, safer and effected targeted drugs to all patients.

There was also a long discussion in the interview about how Dr. Siegall started in business. Initially, Dr. Siegall’s interest in the medical field started in his passion for the different technology used in medicine that are not usually featured in mainstream media. He is also fascinated by the power of technology and how to tap the nature’s resources today to improve people’s wellbeing. In terms of making money, Dr. Siegall also shared that the strongest platform to generate revenue right now of his company is through the sales of their proprietary drugs. These drugs are FDA-approved, guaranteed safe and are antibody drug conjugates. It’s also a source of pride of Dr. Clay Siegall that his team has got one of their drugs to be the first ADC that got the FDA approval.

About Dr. Siegall

It must also be added here that Dr. Siegall has a formal education in B.S. in Zoology from the prestigious University of Maryland. His PHD degree came from the George Washington University. Such educational background indicates a formal training, but that’s not where everything of the success of Dr.Siegall came from. It may be said that it is his trial and error, risk-taking capabilities and his drive for finding the right cures that lead to the success his company receives today.

Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Have you seen the news from Washington recently? There is a new Management Advisory Council formed by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has been working alongside other members from Transportation and Security departments, as well as former airline executives. However, this is nothing new for the businessman who has spent so many years working with airlines and airports, particularly from his hometown. In Grand Rapids, DeVos is a household name. He has helped many of the businesses in the area, and through the DeVos Family Foundation, he has founded several new areas of downtown.


Some of the centers have been around for over 20 years. DeVos began working with city leaders in the early 1990s. He wanted to help the city rise in popularity and grow, and he also had connections to many of the business leaders working in the city. They formed a committee called Grand Action, and together, they built the DeVos Performing Arts Center and Convention Center. The two buildings have contributed greatly to the commerce and economy from the center of downtown Grand Rapids.


However, DeVos also wanted to put Grand Rapids on the map for its international airport. DeVos partially had another reason. He was an avid pilot and wanted to see the airport grow. He even partnered with the CEO of the Grand Rapids airport, and in 1999, the airport relaunched as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. There were all new terminals built, including ones with greater technology, and a food court, but the major support has gone to business travelers. A $45 million renovation at the Gerald R. Ford Airport will be completed in 2018.


This comes after DeVos worked with many of the airlines at the airport, helping them to expand and also bringing in new ticket sales for the airport. He started in the early 2000s, talking to Air Tran Airways CEO about expanding the destinations on the list at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Many travelers were not able to get connections to the right destinations. So the airline opened up four new destinations including St. Louis, Orlando, Denver, and Vegas. The new destinations worked and allowed travelers to book new flights, this led to an instant increase in ticket sales.


DeVos has been praised for his work at the airport by the Southwest CEO as well. When he was appointed to the council, the Southwest CEO said that it was a good decision as he knew that DeVos was a legendary businessman and had helped Southwest as well. This was in relation to the Southwest CEO talking to DeVos many years ago about the Grand Rapids airport and keeping many of the terminals that it was closing in other airports.


The Southwest CEO agreed to keep the terminals open and even expanded the offerings over the years. DeVos makes a great addition to the council for his ability to make these types of connections and see them through.


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Rick Shinto – Helping Healthcare Grow Further

Dr. Rick Shinto is the current CEO for InnovaCare Health Solutions. He previously practiced Pulmonary and Internal Medicine in California. Before beginning work InnovaCare, he also held CEO positions at North American Medical Management, COO and CMO positions at Medical Pathways Management Company, a CMO position at Cal Optima Health Plan, and was the Vice President of Medical Management for Med Partners. Shinto holds awards and honors for multiple things including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Rick Shinto graduated from State University of New York with a medical degree, and also received an MBA from Redlands University.


Since joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto has made it his goal to help lead the company into a better world. InnovaCare Health is one of the companies that joined the Medicare program to help serve citizens in need of health care. They’ve been offering their services to Puerto Rican citizens in particular to try and grow the health of the island’s people.


Thanks to Dr. Rick Shinto’s work, InnovaCare Health has become the highly preferred health care service in Puerto Rico due to the fantastic quality of their offered services and just how affordable it really is. They have done everything in their power to make their services affordable, quick, and easy. Although they’ve been in the industry for a far shorter time than other companies, Rick Shinto has chosen to continue pushing transformations to better improve the company and its performance.


Recently, he had the company install a load of new technology in their systems. This allowed customers to access the services offered by InnovaCare Health faster, giving the company a more efficient way to service more customers at the same time.


In only five short years, InnovaCare Health has been able to vastly improve its services and expand itself. Five years ago they had less than 50,000 Medicare members, but now a days that number is closer to 250,000. This is all thanks to Rick Shinto’s leadership skills and the changes he has supported and made within the company.


Rick Shinto was not working alone though. At his side is Penelope Kikkinides. She is a health care expert and has been working as the chief administrative officer for InnovaCare Health since 2015. With over 20 years of experience in health care, she puts her specialty on Medicare and Medicaid. She has previous experience working at Aveta Health Solutions.


U.S. Money Reserve Receives Two Incredible “Best of” Awards

U.S. Money Reserve continually makes the news in the precious metals world. The Austin, TX company distributes gold, silver, and platinum assets to a multitude of purchases throughout North America. The company’s gold coins, in particular, catch people’s eyes due to their unique artistry.

The company’s unique e-commerce sights present images of gold and silver coins distributed by U.S. Money Reserve. Collectors may wish to peruse the images to see just how artistic certain coins truly are.

Of course, U.S. Money Reserve must reach interested parties through advertising and promotional means. Otherwise, no one would know about the company’s gold coins. The 2018 AdSphere™ Awards revealed just how serious U.S. Money Reserve takes promotional endeavors. At the awards, the company took two “Best of” honors. With the awards, the company revealed just how much work and effort it puts into direction-response television (DRTV) promotions.

The two categories in which U.S. Reserve took two honors provides insights into the company’s promotional strategies. The awards belonged to the categories of “Informercials” and “Short Form Products.”

The fact U.S. Money Reserve produced high-quality informercials shows the company understands crafting a brilliant visual presentation becomes necessary for its products. Producing a dull informercial won’t be enough.

The message in the infomercial must be informative, entertaining, and creative. Clearly, U.S. Money Reserve hit this mark as evidenced by winning a prestigious award. The “Short Form Products” award also reveals a commitment to excellence in promotional endeavors. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire

The company’s work caught the attention of AdSphere leading the award honors. AdSphere keeps taps on more than 120 national networks. Upwards of 7,700 brands are examined by AdSphere.

To stand out in AdSphere’s eyes isn’t exactly easy when considering the huge volume of advertising material the entity reviews. U.S. Money Reserve stood out and received honors for excellence as a result. Connect with US Money Reserve on LinkedIn

The publicity generated from the awards comes on the heels of the buzz surrounding U.S. Money Reserve’s deal with The Perth Mint. The Australian Mint recently signed a distribution agreement with U.S. Money Reserve to release a commemorative limited-edition coin set.

U.S. Reserve won’t exactly slow down after receiving the awards. The company will continue to work hard at developing new and interesting promotional strategies for the future.

Larkin and Lacey Leading Personalities in the World of Media in the United States

One of the most significant problems with the world today is that the most trusted source of information and news, which are media houses and newspapers, aren’t trusted anymore by the people. It is primarily because most of the most prominent newspapers and news channels are owned and operated by the big corporations, who want to manipulate the public to create rumors and thought shift as per their ideology and benefits.

Many alternative media houses across the globe are cropping up to ensure that the truth is presented to the people without any twists and biased influence. One of the biggest alternative media companies in the United States is Village Voice Media, which publishes newspapers like Phoenix New Times and New Times.

Village Voice Media is owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, who have supported truth and independent journalism from the time they were in college. It is how they started Phoenix New Times when the local media channels were not reporting clearly and falsely about the protests held by students against the war.

Recently, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey came into the limelight for being arrested during the late hours of the night on the orders of Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff. Joe Arpaio has often featured on the news reporting of Larkin and Lacey due to his wrongdoings, especially against the minority communities in the region. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Many Hispanic people were the targets of the oppression by Joe Arpaio, and the people who raised voice against him were also penalized. It is what caused the people as well as the media houses to stay silent on what he used to do mostly. Joe Arpaio is also infamously called America’s Toughest Sheriff.

The arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin shook entire country as their only crime was to do their job and to give people with the news they deserve to know about. Joe Arpaio was upset for the report on Phoenix New Times about the Grand Jury Investigations in which the news editor, reporter, journalists, writer, and even the readers were subpoena.

The arrest of Jim and Michael created a stir in the media fraternity, and many other channels joined the bandwagon and raised their voice against the oppression and misuse of power by Joe Arpaio, but even after all that pressure by the entire nation, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were kept in prison and interrogated for 24 days.

Later on, Larkin and Lacey filed the lawsuit against the sheriff and the law enforcement agency, which they won after a long and gruesome battle. The state even gave Larkin and Lacey the compensation amount of $3.7 million for the traumatic experience they had to endure.

The court of law convicted Joe Arpaio for wrongfully ordering the arrest of Larkin and Lacey, but entire nation was shocked when US President Donald Trump granted him pardon recently. So, Joe Arpaio would be walking free again without serving any jail time, but it is said that Trump returned the favor to the sheriff as Joe Arpaio also supported Trump during his election campaign.