Jed McCaleb-A Decentralized Future for Currency

Jed McCaleb is Chief Technology Officer at Stellar, a cryptocurrency development company, that aims to use blockchain technology to support cross-border payments on a secure platform. Jed McCaleb predicts that the technology associated with cryptocurrency will change the way global payments function, and will also affect fundraising and stock markets. During a recent CNBC interview, McCaleb stated that “In the future, I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate, a public ledger that people can see and can’t change arbitrarily”. This network will use the current forms of currency that people are used to, such as Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. IBM is currently using Stellar’s network to develop a payments system that crosses borders and will be used by select banks.


Token Sales, or “initial coin offerings” have totaled around $9 billion in a little over four years, and McCaleb notes that this a phenomenon that shows an untapped market. These tokens can possibly appreciate in value as the market continues to grow.


Although many fraudulent vendors have arisen, most who are proponents of this growing technology say that this represents a new model for fundraising. Due to the fact that revenue made from token sales is being invested directly in the companies undertaking these development projects, investors have a hand in helping to grow the blockchain crypto startups.


McCaleb believes assets like stocks will become digitized using the crypto blockchain technology. He speculates that in the next 10 years it is likely that all equity will become tokenized on a blockchain since this allows for greater amounts of encrypted security and uability. Due to the number of people trading in the state of the current market, it is plausible that most if not all future exchanges will be decentralized. It seems as though centrally controlled exchanges may become a thing of the past. There is an obvious shift being made towards this more secure, more dependable, less centralized network of exchange. It is very well possible that in the next few decades there will a gradual push towards integrating blockchain technologies into most practical exchanges.

AvaTrade Review has Established a Reputation of Reliability

AvaTrade has established a reputation for reliability in the online trading industry and established itself as a legitimate force and trailblazer in the multi-asset trading platform technologies. AvaTrade was established in Ireland in 2006 and has increased its account holding count to over 200,000 clients. AvaTrade performs over 2 million transactions with a value of over $60 billion every month. With a simplistic approach to investing online, AvaTrade has created a user-friendly multi-asset class platform that is revolutionizing the online investing industry. Online traders have access to areas of investing including commodities, market stocks, bonds, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, equities, and various other asset classes.


By providing a reliable platform that abides by all regulations established globally, AvaTrade is providing the security and safety needed to continue to thrive in the online trading industry. In fact, AvaTrade has been awarded various Awards based on the reliable track record established over the years. In 2009, they were awarded Best Customer Support, Best Alert System, and Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider also in 2016 they were awarded Best Forex Broker. Not only have they been award-winning online traders, but they have also established a reliable legitimate adherence to all regulatory requirements that have established a reputation that investors can trust.


AvaTrade is regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland is also hearing to regulations from various other financial institutions around the globe that provides assurance to customers that every transaction is made with the utmost accuracy and adherence to regulatory requirements. As regulations are continuing to become more stringent in the face of different scam brokers within the online trading websites space and other platforms investing in various other cryptocurrencies and other new technologies, AvaTrade is establishing itself as a shining star in the online investing industry. By establishing a reputation as a reliable online trading company AvaTrade is laying a foundation for continued success as a leader in the online trading platform industry.

What Investors May Want to Know About the Oxford Club

With 80,000 members coming from around the globe in 100 different countries, the Oxford Club has a stunning reputation of making sure their investors have what they need to achieve market beating returns. Therefore, if you or someone in your family wants to join up with an investment firm that has what you need and more, you may want to look at what this investment firm offers to anyone who has an interest in growing their wealth. Especially, in a private investor environment that will help to preserve their wealth.


Mission is to Preserve Wealth by Keeping Its Members Up-to-date

Using the resources that the firm has available, people will not only preserve their family’s wealth but also grow the amount that they have earned quite substantially within the upcoming years. This is because the Oxford Club has access to experienced and seasoned investors that know how to create monthly newspapers that allows each member to stay up to date with the latest in investments and trading opportunities that others will not have access to in the mainstream.


Teaches How to Devise Winning Trading Strategies

In addition to making sure their members are updated with the most recent information in the industry, they are also available to host financial seminars and investment excursions that cover financial strategies and various kinds of different seminars and symposiums. All of which are designed to help private investors reach their targeted financial goals as they grow their portfolios. To make sure people have what they need today, they are also well versed in the area of financial investment educational formats. Therefore, for those investors who want to know how to devise a winning strategy for all of their investments, they may also benefit greatly from attending online courses that’s sponsored by Investment U.


Investment U Available for Newbies

Investment U is also known as an arm of the Oxford that offers more specialized training to the members that has an interest in attending. The information that the University shares is available in several different formats in order to make it easy, convenient and simple to access when people have the time. For instance, you may want to see what their investment strategies entail online since new investors are just getting started with their investment strategies.

Ryan Seacrest — Lines of Fashion and Cuts of Fame

The pocket square is a valuable piece of clothing for the modern man. Ryan Seacrest has made it easy for modern men to match their clothing. He has released a line of fashionable items that go well with his line of suits. His accessories include belts, pocket squares, cuff links, and jewelry. The accessories will be interchangeable between looks, and men will be easily styled. The suits designed by Ryan Seacrest are based on his own fashion sense. His unique vision is what gives the fashion line its character. He enjoys wearing stylish clothes that fit well. During his time on American Idol as a contestant, Ryan Seacrest employed Christopher Bailey as his personal tailor. Bailey has designed looks for Burberry and the red carpet. Naturally, he made the best possible suits for Ryan Seacrest. Each suit was clean cut with low-profile trims. The slim look gave Ryan Seacrest a unique appearance. He wanted this look to be available across America, and his fans wanted the same clothes he was wearing.


Ryan Seacrest signed a contract with Macy’s to make his clothes widely available. They are easily purchased by families throughout America. When he and Macy’s teamed up, they agreed upon an exclusive deal. Macy’s is the only retailer that will be allowed to sell these great fashions. That means they will always be available for the average American, the price will not exceed a certain point. Each suit was hand picked by Ryan Seacrest, and he designed it with attention to detail, fabric, and cut. The same tailored quality that goes into his wardrobe has gone into his clothing line.


Ryan Seacrest has a large fan base that continues to grow. A the star of American Idol, he has enjoyed the lifestyle of an artist always on the go. His clothes compliment that lifestyle. Each suit can be worn on any occasion. It was designed for the man who has to make meetings, dates, and outings. They can even be worn on a flight. The clothes have received good reviews from fans, and they are expected to release a new line soon.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Input on Stock Options for Corporate Employees

During recent years, a number of employees were faced with the dilemma of their companies restricting their stock options. While each individual corporation has their own reasons why they would stop providing such options, Jeremy Goldstein highlights the three major common concerns revolve around:

  1. It is likely that the corporation’s overall stock value will experience a significant drop and therefore make it impossible for employees to benefit from the option of buying the company’s stock.
  2. Many employees feel as if this option provides more options for unnecessary risks rather than an actual, stable benefit. They are aware that unpredictable economic downturns will reduce the value of the stock options to worthless and therefore feel as if they’re gambling their cash away.
  3. The stock options create more complicated accounting burdens and result in relevant costs being more expensive than the advantages.

However, despite those concerns, stock options for employees pose a number of advantages that are potentially more preferable than additional wages, equities, or improved health insurance. The stock options achieve their full earning potential when employees prioritize the company’s success in the workplace. When their personal investments are on the line, it encourages them to work harder, attract more desirable clients, or develop innovative solutions to existing problems.

The best stock option solution Goldstein promotes for a company to implement is known as the “knockout.” These consist of the same time limits and vesting requirements as regular stock options, but the employees will automatically be released from the company’s stock if the cost per share falls under a certain amount over an extended period of time.

Jeremy L. Goldstein is the chair of the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section and is a frequent writer and speaker on corporate governance and executive compensation. He has been involved in some of the decade’s largest corporate transactions including the acquisition of Goodrich of United Technologies.

Mr. Goldstein is also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC, a law firm dedicated to advising compensation committees, CEOs, and management teams on corporate governance matters. He is a regular contributor of numerous magazines and journals including the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers and The Legal 500. Jeremy Goldstein holds a J.D from New York University School of Law, an M.S from the University of Chicago and a B.A from Cornell University. Learn more:

Daniel Taub: Diplomat and Writer

Born in the United Kingdom in 1962, Daniel Taub is the former Israeli Ambassador to the UK. The Jewish international lawyer immigrated to Israel in 1989 during the beginning stages of the tech revolution.

The Madrid Peace Conference of the early 90’s took place soon after he immigrated and he decided he wanted to join the effort and became part of the foreign ministry of Israel. His leave of absence from intellectual property law ended up lasting more than twenty years and he became an internationally renowned diplomat.

In 2013, the UN signed a Geneva accord in relation to Iran’s quest to become a world nuclear power. Daniel Taub believes that the agreement was not nearly enough to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons with or without the sanctions imposed by the United Nations. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

During the beginning stages of discussion, there was a lot of focus on what percentage the uranium Iran had in is possession could be enriched.

Soon after discussions began, Iran acquired a large centrifuge and other equipment that made limiting the percentages futile as their stock of uranium could easily be purified to weapons-grade levels and better according to Daniel Taub. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The UN’s accord did not require them to dispose of this equipment and it could theoretically be up and running right after the accord was passed.

The nuclear developments in Iran have caused countries in the Middle East with animosity towards each other to consider opening communication in order to prevent a nuclear attack.

Daniel Taub believes that despite the differences between the countries and their citizens, there is still hope for some semblance of peace in the Middle East. With the events happening in Iran, Israel is considering making deals with countries who they previously considered enemies due to issues like the long-standing disagreement over the Gaza Strip.

Daniel Taub earned his BA in literature in 1983 from Oxford University before earning his UK Certification for Lawyers at the Chancery Lane School of Law.

From 1988 to 1989 he attended law school at the University College of London where he earned his LLM. In 2002, well into his career, he earned an additional masters degree in Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Currently the Yad Hanadiv Foundation’s Director of Strategy and Planning since 2015, he also served as a medic in the Israel Defense Force.

He utilizes his degree in literature as the chief scriptwriter and creator of Hechatzer, an Israeli TV series.

Sussex Health Care – Providing The Best Home Health Care In UK

Sussex Health Care appoints Amanda Morgan Taylor as its new Chief Executive Officer, who will be assuming the role officially in the month of January 2018. Amanda Taylor started her career as a nurse for mental health in 1984, and she worked through the ranks until she was selected for high prominent positions such as Service Manager, Quality Development Director, and Managing Director.

For the subsequent years of her professional life, Amanda Morgan Taylor has worked with local public authorities and independent care providers that gave her a comprehensive knowledge of the relationship between the provider and management committee. It also solidified her experience in lending a hand to organizations or companies in building a top-notch standard of care and support which is appropriately suitable in handling relations with outside investors, concentrate on changes compulsory for efficient operation and reassuring the trust and of every party involved within the care management structure.

Amanda’s thirty years of vast experience with private and public health sectors makes her seniority in the health field indisputable as she took the preliminary steps to acquaint herself with the aspects of Sussex Health Care’s services along with the physical features outside and inside the care homes. She likewise initiated discussions with the teams’ senior management for the recruitment and selection of a Director to head the Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement department.


Sussex Health Care is a center for health support and care services that started in 1985. The organization has a number of home health facilities that can be located in the Sussex area. It offers care for the elderlies, and specialized care for individuals with distinct needs related to cognitive development and physical complications that affects the performance of daily activities for living.

The Sussex Health Care homes are also uniquely equipped to provide care, recreation and education in the palliative, respite and dementia area. Occupational therapy, as well as physiotherapy, are similarly included in the supportive care services that are offered. At present, it has service facilities in Billingshurst, Grinstead, Henfield, Horsham, Nutley, Purley, Sharpthome and Warnham.

Sussex Health Care was accredited in 2001 with the (HQS) Health Quality Service. Then it achieved the Investors in People standard in 2003, as well as the International Standard ISO9000:2000 for systems quality management. Sussex Health Care is the solitary independent home care provider within the United Kingdom that was awarded the ISO9000:2000 and HQS accreditation for exemplary home health care services.

Madison Street Capital Wins The M&A Advisory Award in 2017

Madison Street Capital was declared the winners of the 2017 M&A Advisor Awards Gala by M&A Advisors. The announcement was made on Monday, the 13th of November 2017 during the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards held at the Metropolitan Club in New York. They were declared winners for the Debt Financing Deal for the year 2017 for providing advice on the WLR Automotive transactions.

M&A Advisor has been recognizing the leading M&A companies, transactions, and dealmakers since 2002. This time around, Madison Street Capital emerged best among more than 650 companies that were also participating. The Co-CEO and President of M&A Advisor, David Fergusson said that it was to their delight and pleasure to bestow Madison Street Capital their highest honor for M&A professionals and firms. In addition, Fergusson said that Madison Street Capital really stood out in 2017 amidst the other impressive candidates, eventually earning them the honors.

On the other hand, Madison Street Capital was equally delighted to be the recipients of the envied M&A Advisor Award in 2017 in the category of debt financing. Charles Botchway, the Madison Street Capital’s CEO also appreciated WLR Automotive as well as Barry Peterson, the Senior Managing Director for their lead in the transaction.

2017’s premier celebration for the leading M&A Dealmakers industry, the Gala, was in conjuction with the annual M&A Advisor Summit, that had over 500 participants leading in M&A professionals. It had several exclusive forums headed by more than 35 M&A, academic, media, and industry followers. In the Gala, many more awards were by different companies in the different categories.

Other than the M&A Advisor Award, Madison Street Capital was also recognized for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm as a finalist of the year 2017. It was also named the Financials Deal of the Year.

About Madison Street Capital.

This is an international firm dealing with Investment Banking Services. The firm is entirely committed to working in excellence, integrity, and in transparency. It is also committed to leadership, and efficient service delivery in their corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, acquisition expertise and merger as well as services valuation to both the private and public businesses. The company works diligently so as to bring change both locally and globally.

Madison Street Capital believes in establishing strong businesses in the United States, communities. Their exceptional and knowledgeable team of professionals who possess a deep experience and extensive network have facilitated in making the firm a global investment firm. The firm has capitalization and financial structures that are fit for their diverse clients.

Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. Other than M&A advisory, the firm also provides other services such as M&A services for hedge funds and also restructuring services.


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Michael Lacey: A Brilliant Mathematician

Michael Lacey is an astounding American mathematician. In the over thirty years since earning his PhD. From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Lacey has had great success and achieved many forms of recognition.

The work Lacey did in order to achieve his doctorate focused mostly on probability in Banach spaces. Specifically, he solved a problem having tot do with the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. Since achieving his degree, he has worked in a few other sectors of math besides probability, like ergodic theory and harmonic analysis.

He was awarded the Salem Prize for his work on solving the Hilbert transform, and has been recognized by the Guggenheim Foundation. These are just a few of his accomplishments as a mathematician, he has also had a great career as a professor.

Before landing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Lacey worked at Louisiana State University, and University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. At UNC he was recognized for his work on the central limit theorem.

Lacey has been a professor in the Georgia Tech mathematics department since 1996. His most recent research can be accessed on the math department’s website.

In his time as a professor, Lacey has helped students excel greatly. He has served as an advisor for people in all levels of higher education, and has specifically mentored more than ten postdocs. He has also been the director of training grants under the NSF over the years. Read more:  Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

These grants support students in their efforts of exploring the field of mathematics.

All in all, Michael Lacey is a brilliant man who has played a key role in helping others achieve their potential and become brilliant mathematicians.

Where To Stay And Eat Around Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport provides air travel to the island of Upolu. It is located just outside the city limits of Apia. It’s IATA code is FGI and its ICAO code is NSFI. It’s a single runway airport. This airport can’t be flown directly to from any city in the United States. Instead, travelers from the US need to fly to Pago Pago and catch a Polynesian Airway flight from that city to Fagali’i Airport. They have three DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft with multiple weekly trips between the two cities.

The Samoan currency is called the tala. Once a traveler lands at Fagali’i Airport they can find a currency exchange service inside the main area of the airport. Once they collected their bags and they can get to the hotel they are staying at either by taking one of their hotel’s shuttles or by taking one of the taxis that park outside the Fagali’i Airport.

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Apia is the capital city of Samoa and by far its largest city. It was established in the 1850s and is pretty affordable for tourists. While taxis are pretty inexpensive it’s entirely possible to travel to many places on foot. According to Fagali’i Airport is in a centrally located position and most places to stay or visit are located within a few miles of it.

There are several things to do in Apia. For golfers, the Royal Samoan Country Club is located right next door to the Fagali’i Airport. According to, hotel prices range from $37 a night at the budget Samoa Sport Lodge to $175 a night at the Taumeasina Island Resort which is $175 a night. Most hotels in Apia are around $70 a night.

There are restaurants around Fagali’i Airport to fit every budget as well. Budget restaurants include the Amanis Restaurant, which serves just breakfast and lunch, and Uncle Bills which serves great fish & chips for just WS 8, or $3.15 USD. Mid-range options include the Swashbucklers Restaurant on the Mulinu’u peninsula and serves poke and sashimi. For those looking for high-end fare one of the options is Giordano’s which is a popular Italian restaurant.

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